opportunity_for_grace2The day dawned bright and blue. Taking advantage of the cool morning air, my mom watered flowerbeds as we enjoyed some time to chat.

The sound of metal against metal shattered our conversation. Rushing to the fender-bender at the intersection, I was surprised to see the youth pastor. He got out of his car and hurried back to the car that had just hit him. The lady was fine, just a little shaken, and very embarrassed that she had just run into one of her pastors. He assured her that his car was fine. When she had composed herself enough to drive, she left. I pointed out to him that there was some damage to his car.

“Everyone knows I won this car on ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’ Even if I hadn’t, cars eventually get some scratches.”

I marveled at his gracious attitude and vowed that someday I wanted to show that same kind of grace.

Years later and many miles away, I hurried into town one Friday afternoon with two tasks in mind. I needed to grab a few groceries, then fill the van with gas. Pulling into the station, I asked the attendant to “Fill both tanks with regular, please.”

I have to admit that I was feeling quite smug about all the Friday tasks being complete. Suddenly I felt a slight jolt. Thinking it was the flap on the gas tank, I dismissed the thought. Then it happened again. Looking in the rear view mirror, I noticed that a large gas tanker had hemmed in the small car behind me. As I approached the car, the woman rolled her window down.

“I don’t know if you realize it, but you are hitting my trailer hitch every time you pull forward,” I said. Smiling, I assured her that the wait wouldn’t be much longer.

“I still have errands,” she muttered.

Couldn’t Wait to Tell Story

Arriving home and sitting down to Friday supper, I couldn’t wait to tell the story to my family.

“So someone hit you?” my son asked.

“Did you call the police?” my husband inquired. “And are you sure the hitch is okay?”

I assured them that all was fine and told the story of years before on that Friday when the Pastor lived grace. “Today I was able to show that same kind of grace.”

But the story didn’t end there. About a year later I received a telephone call.

“Hello, I don’t think you know me, but if I tell you one thing, you will remember who I am. I’m the lady who kept hitting your van that day and I’m calling because I would like to put my son in your classroom.”

Grace, God’s grace, allowed me to act differently than I otherwise might have.

Thank you, Lord, for examples of grace for us to follow. “May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace,” (Philippians 1:2).