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Hannah Peek


I came across Mieux Vivre on Hope Church Channel’s French programming when I was learning French. When I learned that they were starting a training program I was excited. But I was too young to participate

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Tré Shepard

United States

I’ve wanted to be a Cinematographer ever since I was young, when I saw this opportunity I knew it would be a wonderful way to make Christ centered media including Cinematography…

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Samantha Saunders

United States

I’m very interested in making feature films. My plan is to become an actress and therefore this is a good opportunity for me to learn more about the filmmaking process that is really interesting…

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Farah Coppée


After a Youth Conference, I was really touched and moved by the speakers sermons and the amazing way that God was using them. I was so fired-up for the Lord that I decided to completely surrender my life to Him. At the end at the conference I decided to step out of…

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Vanessa Hansen


I’m very interested in designing and learning more about media. My plan is to become a media graphic designer and therefore this is a good opportunity for me to learn more about the media that interests me. I also enjoy to take pictures and like my use my own pictures, when I design something. At the same time…

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Fifaliana Rakotoarison


I have great interest in mission, I have always wanted to become a missionary; But also, I am a great lover of photography, graphic design and video, in short, the media. Coming to Better Living was a way for me to combine…

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