treasure_hunters2When people speak of treasure and treasure hunting, one’s mind immediately goes to pirates and loot—gold, silver, diamonds or other precious jewels. But would you ever think of smiles, hugs, or food?

One of the most prominent preachers during his lifetime, George W. Truett (1867 – 1944) visited a wealthy Texan oil-man at his home. The wealthy man walked Truett to the roof of his home, waved towards a large field of oil derricks, and said, “Dr. Truett, that’s all mine. I came to this country 25 years ago penniless, and now I own everything as far as you can see in that direction.”

The man did an about face, looking toward grain fields that rolled like waves of a sea, “It’s all mine. I own everything as far as you can see in that direction,” he exclaimed.

He then turned facing east, where herds of cattle stood grazing, saying, “It’s all mine. Everything as far as you can see in that direction is mine.


One final turn westward, he pointed towards a forest, “It’s all mine; 25 years ago, I was penniless, but I worked hard and saved, and today I own everything as far as you can see in this direction, that direction, that direction, and this direction.”

Of course after all that the oil man expected some form of praise, but instead, Truett set his hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “My friend, how much do you own in that direction” as he pointed up in the sky.

I Never Thought of That

The man could only respond, “I never thought of that.”

Christian musician Buddy Houghtaling sings these words, “Where is your treasure? Where is your love…Jesus said it’s true, where-ever your treasure is, your heart will be too” (see Matthew 6:19-21).

Every day we are given opportunities to invest in our heavenly account through acts of love and service we perform for others. There are so many people hurting in this world that something as simple as a smile can sometimes bring sunshine into their cloudy day.

If someone cuts you off in their car, even though you are late for the most important event of your entire life, return it with a wave and a smile rather than honk or be rude.

If you’re a teenager and your baby sister breaks your favorite item, even though it hurts, don’t retaliate—remember Jesus promises you even greater treasures in heaven. Hug your sister and tell her it’s okay.

If you hear of someone who lost a loved one, even if you don’t personally know them, drop by with a few dishes of food to ease the burden of having to think of what to make during their difficult time.

What treasures are you hunting for? Ones that have a shelf-life or eternal ones? Remember, where your treasure is, your heart will be too!