steven-gouinA word from Steeven
It is with pleasure that I joined the team at Better Living. Working for this ministry, I learned that God is always there and takes care of us every moment. Therefore, we can walk without fear through faith, knowing that our Father will guide us in the right direction. He certainly does His utmost to make us happy. It’s up to us to give him all things and to trust him, no matter the circumstances. In the name of Better Living, thank you for your prayers, your help and your donations.

In Christ,

Steeven Gouin
Project coordinator of radio

Rally of Greater Quebec

team-rallyAt the last rally of Adventist churches in Greater Quebec, Better Living has had the opportunity to let others know more about the Better Living team and its products, and distribute many of its radio programs. Many were impressed by the quality of our work and our products. Patrick Dupuis, director/speaker of Better Living, was preaching in the morning and our quartet also had the opportunity to sing. Thank you to all who have encouraged us at the Rally of Greater Quebec.


Listen to a short interview between Patrick Dupuis and Michael Cloutier about the radio show by Living Better. He appreciates our recordings on both health and spirituality, and even testimonials. Click here to watch it.

New radio capsule

Discover our new radio capsule entitled Better Living in Nature, with Roland Scalliet. If you take the time to observe it, nature has a lot to teach us about everyday life and our Creator. Each week, discover a new nature capsule, and tips for better living. Listen here.

Television Programs

Here is picture of our virtual set for our new TV show. We will soon start filming in our studio using the virtual set. We are happy to use this new technology in order to produce high-quality content. If you are interested in visiting our studio, please contact us by phone at 1-800-651-1275 or by emailing us.
Food for Thought

“I’m a vegetarian and anti-alcohol: so I can make better use of my brain.”  Thomas Edison

Spiritual quotation
“Study the Word of God with prayer. This Word shows you, in God’s law and the life of Jesus, the great principles of holiness without which “no man shall see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12.14). It convicts of sin, and it clearly shows the path of salvation. Take heart. It is the voice of God speaking to your soul. “- Ellen G.White, Steps to Christ, p. 54.

How You Can Help
Your prayers for our projects are always appreciated. If you want to help us financially, be assured that all your donations, large and small, will allow us to spread the Gospel. In advance, thank you from my heart for your generosity.