mieuxvivre-telefa-logoMerging of Telefa7 and Better Living

One vision, one mission, one passion… and now, one team! When we seek to accomplish God’s mission, He often leads us down surprising paths. Telefa7 has sensed God leading them to join Better Living in order to more effiently meet the needs of the French community.

Producing multimedia material for web, television and radio broadcast, the new “enlarged” team is reaching out to French-speaking people in Quebec and around the world. We look forward to providing more diverse programming on Better Living’s French website. Although we are still at the beginning of our collaboration, we look forward to the work we will be able to accomplish together.

le-grand-espoirNEWSTART DVD distributed in France!

From May 1-12, John Bradshaw, speaker for It Is Written is in France presenting a series entitled “Le Grand Espoir” (The Great Hope). Better Living is delighted that our NEWSTART DVD has been chosen for mass distribution during the series. You can still get your own copy of this DVD in French on our website.