Psalm 92:1-4

It is good to give thanks to the Lord,

And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;

To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning,

And Your faithfulness every night,

On an instrument of ten strings,

On the lute,

And on the harp,

With harmonious sound.

For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work;

I will triumph in the works of Your hands.


At Better Living Ministry, we are thankful to God for the way He is leading this ministry, how He teaches us to deal with perplexities and for the wisdom He gives us as we face times of important decisions. Remember to give thanks to the Lord for what He is doing in your life.


This month we rejoiced extra over a growing team and a media production control room. It is winter time in Québec and a lot of snow has fallen on the ground recently, quietly resting as a white blanket on the lawn outside our office until warmer temperatures arrive. As a ministry, February is by no means a month of down time and rest but instead full focus on getting projects done of those started in 2015, as well as looking forward and plan for the future.

Here are just a few things of what we have been working on recently:



We have full focus on completing the 52 episodes of our youth series Conviction. Progress has been made and we have moved another step forward in getting this exciting project done.


Next student year

A lot of planning took place during February where we discussed how we will proceed during 2016/2017. In January last year the very first group of young people came to join the team, learning how to use media as a powerful witnessing tool. We see how the Lord is opening the door to let this continue ever this year. We are asking for your prayers that God will send young people to come here, get training and experience, and then put it into practise to win souls for God’s kingdom.

For this to happen, we need proper facilities to accommodate more people. We have a big need of buying, renting or building a studio where we can record new programs. In addition, we have a need of housing. Please keep these requests in your prayers!


Old and new faces join the team – Danielle, Frida and Laurie

January meant a small team at Better Living Ministry, but after the holiday season Danielle Noël (Montreal) and Frida Torstensson (Sweden) came back in early February. We know Frida from last year as she was a Fridastudent on the Media Missionary Program. Today she works with the team primarily with projects that include graphic design and website content.

DanielleDanielle came back to join us again for a shorter time, and we enjoy the help she offers and the time she is able to give to the Lord. During February she has been one of the main editors of the french version of Conviction.

LaurieA new face that very recently joined the ministry is Laurie Pascal-Rohken from France. Laurie lives in Hautes-Alpes in southern France, has an interest in media work and is a nutritionist. She arrived at the end of the month and has been a big help and a blessing.


Joined efforts at the local church

A several week-long construction at the local church utilized the high ceiling to become a brand new control room for media productions. Equipment will soon be installed so that we can record church services, Bible study programs and audio recordings to mention a few. We are looking forward to use this to the fullest. We will keep you updated on upcoming productions.