gods_perfect_signpost2Do you, like me, read those church marquees—the ones that really make you think? One I spied this week reads, “If your back is turned away from God, any direction is wrong!” Indeed.

Followers of Christ know that the only way to heaven is to follow the right directional signs. I used to enjoy reading the old-time Burma Shave signs posted along roads, printed with their charming rhyme, but they didn’t lead me anywhere except to some moments of laughter.

I’ve always been astonished at the nautical “road signs” that sailors depend upon by looking heavenward. Before any of the modern devices, sailors sailing the seas and caravan drivers crossing the desert by night, navigated their way by the stars; in particular Polaris or the North Star, located almost directly overhead as seen from the North Pole. Found at the tip of the tail of the constellation (Ursa Minor) called Little Bear, it is the brightest star of that constellation. Perhaps more than any star other than the Sun, Polaris is considered as the most important star in the heavens. Known by many names; it is interesting that one of them is “the Gateway to Heaven.”

Best GPS There Is

I’ll admit that I’m probably one of the world’s worst map readers. All those numbers and colors confuse me. So, with my map-reading deficiency, I feel fortunate that I, along with you who seek heaven, have the best GPS (my interpretation: God’s Perfect Signpost) there is, one we can all follow with sure accuracy. There are no flashing, blinking or neon lights, just the simplicity of God’s Word. I know that the most important trip I’ll ever make is the one which will take me through the galaxies of space on that glorious flight to destination heaven. Yet how can you or I get there if we don’t know the way?

In 2 Thessalonians 3:5, The Message, reads, “May the Master take you by the hand and lead you along the path of God’s love and Christ’s endurance.” If we place our confidence in Jesus leading us, we know that he’ll direct us rightly. Our trip to heaven starts right here on pathway earth. However, we won’t get beyond our own galaxy by ignoring the directions for the trip.

Often on this earth people get lost on trips because they aren’t using a map or like me find them hard to understand. Yet all we need to do for our heavenly trip is stop and ask for the right directions by reading the Holy Bible. The trip is all planned. It is better than the best AAA trip consultant or tour guide, if we but give the job to Jesus, because He’s already installed God’s Perfect Signpost. Packing for the trip is easy, just trust in what we read in His travel brochure: The Bible.