Illustration of an electrocardiogram or a ECG

Attachment to a heart monitor provides some element of apprehension. One hopes that no bad thing is discovered. As I write, I’m “hooked up.”

Do you recall the 60s song that vocalist Tony Bennett is known for popularizing, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”? As of a few days ago, I’ve virtually been sending my heartbeats from Jasper, Georgia to San Francisco, where LifeWatch is monitoring me. (But my physician is here, in Georgia, in fact, I live right next door to the local heart institute. If I wander too far from the monitor, it gives me a message. If the batteries are low, it gives me a message, again, to charge the special cell phone that transmits the information from Georgia to California. For the next couple of weeks, techs in San Francisco will know all about my heart. I’ve been assured that I’m in good hands. Amazing is it not?

I’m glad that this technology is available for me (and for anyone else who needs it), with hopes that if I indeed have a heart problem that it can be fixed.

State of My Heart

However, this whole process makes me more aware of another heart problem that can be far more worrisome. That is this the state of my heart (in essence, my mind) spiritually. I willingly gave my heart to LifeWatch to monitor for me but I also willingly gave my heart to God a long time ago. Because of this spiritual giving of my heart, I’ve found the pleasure of living in Jesus’ love. It’s a love that keeps me forever young at heart. However, it’s easy to become complacent and take Jesus’ care for granted.

Thus, I’m asking myself, do I still retain the same heart-love I originally held for Him? Do I still trust Him with my heart? God’s Word tells us a lot about our hearts. I’m restudying many texts as a personal prescription to remind myself Who really is holding my heart, such as Psalm 111:1, “Praise the Lord! I will praise the Lord with my whole heart…” NJKV.

Yes, I’m grateful for LifeWatch but I’m more beholden to Him, knowing that I’m hooked up to the heavenly Watcher of  life eternal. There’s no apprehension with heavenly technology. All I need do is keep in the Word to remind me if I wander too far from my true LifeWatcher or if my battery is low. I truly am in His good hands.