I Believe It, our new 24-part series

We are delighted to announce the launching of a 24-part series entitled I Believe It. It’s a series that presents the 28 foundational Bible truths from God’s word. The series, our most important project thus far, is hosted by Gabrielle Robitaille and presented by Roland Scalliet. It can now be viewed on our website and we are planning to release a DVD set very soon.

2012 Wrap Up

In the year that just ended, it seems like we’ve been so busy recording and editing programs that we’ve hardly had time to keep you informed. The good news is that Better Living was able to produce more than 50 episodes in a number of series. That’s more than 3 times what our small team was able to produce the previous year. Plus, the most exciting projects are yet to come.

Grace for Today

In a new series called Grace for Today, Chani Roy interviews Jonathan Martin, former pastor and current law student. In this series Chani and Jonathan address current events in the light of Christianity. They also trace the origins of our post modern society and talk about the dangers of faith without reason as well as reason without faith. This is a fascinating series which helps us understand how to better relate to our present culture. The first six episodes are now available on our website.