The long awaited French NEWSTART series is now available on DVD.  Order our copy today at www.mieuxvivre.org/boutique.  All 8 thirty-minute programs are available on a single DVD.  That’s 4 hours of programming on one DVD!  This is great resource for those that work in French-speaking countries.

You can purchase the DVD for as little as $3 in quantities of 200 or more. Single copies are $15 each.

Special thanks to the following people who presented the series.

Main hosts :
Roland Scalliet
Isabelle Grondin-Atwood
Yvon Grondin

Special guests :
Sébastien Beaulieu
Jocelyne Farrell
Thérèse Ferland
Marianne Lemay
Anne-Marie Roy
Denise Therrien
Jean-Guy Tremblay


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit now available in French

Téléfa has recently translated the book, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Dennis Smith.  If you don’t speak French, why not send this book to a French-speaking friend?

To order The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Le baptême du Saint-Esprit):
Online: www.mieuxvivre.org/boutique
Email us here
Phone: 1.800.651.1275

Adventism in Quebec by Denis Fortin
Denis Fortin is a French-Canadian who pastored several churches in the province of Quebec in the 1980s. Fortin is professor of theology at Andrews University where he teaches historical theology.  His book, Adventism in Quebec, traces Adventism from 1830-1910.  Order your copy today at www.mieuxvivre.org/boutique.  The book is currently only available in English.

Food for Thought
“The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection, and not a fountain; to show them we love them not when we feel like it, but when they do.”  Nan Fairbrother

Spiritual quotation
“Preach the Gospel, if necessary, use words!”  St. Francis