’m delighted to be relating some exciting developments at Better Living. I’m sorry that it has been a while since we have shared some news. Better Living has gone through some challenging times in the last few months but I’m so grateful that God has turned trials into blessings. Our courage is strong and our dedication unabated.

In His Service,

Wayne Atwood


New Team Member
We welcome Philip Sirbu to Better Living. Philip recently married Dr. Marianne Lemay, a dedicated member of our team. Philip has moved to Victoriaville from upstate New York. He previously worked as an engineer but is currently pursuing an education degree. Philip is committed to serving the Lord and has been impressed to assist in the work of Better Living. We appreciate his dedication and know that Philip’s skills will complement the ministry very well.

Better Living
Partners with 3ABN

We are thrilled to announce that Better Living has recently entered into a partnership with 3ABN. 3ABN is a 24-hour Christian television and radio network that broadcasts Christian programs around the world. This partnership will allow Better Living to supply Christian television programs, in French, to 3ABN. We are grateful to 3ABN for collaborating with us to spread God’s salvation message to the French-speaking world.

Programming Ideas Anyone?

csls-sleeveIn light of Better Living’s new opportunities for broadcasting, we are asking for suggestions or ideas for programming content. If you have books or programs that you feel would be meaningful to translate into French please contact us. This will save us a great deal of time compared to writing scripts from scratch.

Cap sur la santé (NEWSTART) Series

Better Living has just completed the recording of its NEWSTART series. In eight programs, this series presents to the public eight laws of health. It is with a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that we are now entering the second phase of theproduction or editing process. In the near future we will have the pleasure to officially launch this excellent series.

Food for Thought

“Whether in chains or in laurels, liberty knows nothing but victories.”  Douglas MacArthur

Spiritual quotation
“Almighty God, eternal and compassionate, whose word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, open and enlighten our hearts, that we may understand purely and clearly thy words: may they transform us according to this exact understanding, that we may never be displeasing to thy divine majesty, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.”  Ulrich Zwingli