boxer“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

Paul says that as believers in Jesus we are more than conquerors. A conqueror is a winner. He or she has beat out the opposition and come out on top. So, how can one who is on top be more on top? Or, how can a winner be more than a winner?

An old preacher explained it to me this way:

Two boxers agree to a big fight against a tough opponent with a million dollar prize going to the winner. The fight is hard fought going many rounds with each boxer giving it all he has. Eyes are swollen shut. Blood is flowing freely. Punches are landed on the face and body. Finally the fight comes to an end when one boxer knocks out the other. The referee comes in lifts the hand of the boxer left standing and announces the new champ. The promoter of the fight congratulates the winner and hands him a check for the million-dollar prize.

Reaping the Rewards

The boxer retires to his dressing room, gets cleaned up and heads home. When he arrives his wife meets him at the door. She kisses him and congratulates him on a hard-fought fight. He smiles and hands her the million-dollar check. He is a conqueror, but she is more than a conqueror. She gets the spoils of his fight. She gets the benefit of his hard work. She reaps the fruit of the work he sowed.

Jesus has done all the hard work for salvation for us. He lived the perfect life. He resisted the devil’s temptations. He willingly sacrificed His life. He was resurrected and lives forever with the Father in heaven. He is a conqueror.

Jesus gives us the check. We get the spoils. We are more than conquerors. Now that’s a fight we can’t lose. That’s good news!