beq-patrick-dupuisNew Bible Questions Series
Pastor Patrick Dupuis has launched a new series entitled Bible Questions.The series addresses a variety of Bible topics in a clear, concise manner. The titles of the first 4 episodes are “What is salvation?”, “What is forgiveness?”, “Who is Jesus?” and “What is the law of God?”. The programs are now on our French website and our Roku channel.

nps-judith-simantonNew Episode of Born to Serve
Judith Simanton and her family have been missionaries with Adventist Frontier Missions in South East Asia for a number of years. They recently visited Judith’s parents in Quebec. We took the opportunity to ask her to come to do an interview with Monique Lemay in her series Born to serve.Judith’s interview can now be watched on our French web site.

gcv-remy-ballaisSix New Episodes of Grandir, c’est vivre
We have released six new episodes of the series Grandir, c’est vivre (To Grow Is to Live) where Pastor Rémy Ballais talks about our Christian experience.  His messages are powerful and inspiring.  You will discover how to grow spiritually and how to develop a stronger relationship with God. All of our new programs are available on our website, on Roku and on Hope Channel.