A whole day without food could be a challenge for most of us. We may experience a lack of energy, difficulty focussing on tasks or tiredness. Matthew 6:11 tells us: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

God cares about our physical and spiritual well being. When we ask for spiritual bread on a daily basis, God will surely supply our needs from His unlimited supply.


P1070153Classes and recordings

Fall and winter are busy months for our media ministry. We continue to record programs and our teachers are preparing and teaching classes in a variety of areas of media. The media missionaries are gaining more and more knowledge in using industry standard tools and techniques for media evangelism. The first recordings in our new studio include new episodes of Nouvelles Prophétiques and Le Meilleur Chemin with host Joël Tremblay.



Food Photography

Another fun project has been food photography. The kind of food we eat has a profound impact on our health, quality of life and spiritual condition. Better Living has decided to publish a vegan cookbook in French, so we have started selecting healthy recipes, preparing them and taking mouth-watering pictures. More about the cookbook in a later newsletter!

To help us learn more about food photography, Daniela Pacheco (Portugal) taught some excellent classes based on her extensive experience. We want to especially thank her for the time she took to share her knowledge with us.