reptembre2013New television series released.
Isabelle Atwood, Karine Coulombe and Nancy Faucher have just released a new series French entitled Coeur de femme (A Woman’s Heart).  The first 3 episodes address motherhood, prayer life and personal care. You will be encouraged and inspired in your role as a woman. Charge your spiritual life and rejuvenate your relationships. Visit our French website today to enjoy this new series.

Born to Serve.

nps-wayne-atwoodMonique Lemay interviews Wayne Atwood, president of Better Living Ministry.  Wayne shares a little of his background and what has inspired him to dedicate his life to full-time ministry.  This episode will inspire you to use your talents in God’s work.

ASI convention in Orlando, Florida

Wayne Atwood and Jimmy Faucher traveled to Orlando, Florida with their families for the ASI convention from August 7 – 10.  Better Living had a booth where we promoted our upcoming media training program. Almost 3,000 where in attendance.

Media Missionary Training Program
Better Living’s media training program starts in January 2014.  You may be interested in either attending the program or helping to sponsor someone else to come. We are still in need of $20,000 to purchase new equipment for the student program. Please contact us if you are interested in helping to launch this program by your financial support or by attending the course.