Exodus 35:29  The children of Israel brought a willing offering unto the Lord, every man and woman, whose heart made them willing to bring for all manner of work, which the Lord had commanded to be made by the hand of Moses.

During the exodus, the Lord asked the people to bring their offering of material, time and talents for the construction of the tabernacle where God would dwell among them. So the people gave willingly and cheerfully.

Being a small non-profit ministry, Better Living is also supported by many cheerful and willful donors. Some send their financial gifts and others give of their time. In September,  many volunteers made some personal sacrifices to come here to help our ministry with their time and talents.


New Team Member

Danielle Noel is presently taking a sabbatical year from her nursing career to serve as a volunteer where God leads her. September 11, she joined the Better Living team full time to help in any area where she could. She has been a wonderful blessing. She has been helping to prepare the programs and coordinate the participant schedule for our ‘Conviction’ serie in french. She has learned to operate cameras, to help production, and she has even been a participant on some of the french ‘Conviction’ programs. Thank you Danielle for being here with a willing heart and a joyful attitude.


Conviction Eng1

Thank you volunteers

We were blessed to have wonderful christian young adults, give their time and energies to come here at the Better Living Studio to participate in our ‘Conviction’ programs. Omar, Tiffany, Rubin and Simone came from the Montreal area but some came from far like Anton from Sweden, Dustin from Winnipeg, Canada, and Cheyna from New York state. We praise the Lord for the zeal and passion that he put in the hearts of all these young people for sharing their faith.


Conviction Serie

By the end of the month we had recorded 17 programs in our english Conviction Serie. Now of course the programs have to be edited before we send them to the broadcasters.


Better Living is Moving Soon!

Our ministry is moving in Beauce, a couple hours away from where we are now. We started looking for properties to move the studio, the students and the staff families. We are praying twice a day about this, asking God to help us see His will for this new project. Remember us in your prayers.