bridges2Bridges fascinate me. Their strength and purpose intrigue me. Bridges seem to tell their story as one crosses from one side, one town, one state, even one country to another.

Looking at a magnificent structure spanning the distance over waterways or canyons, between freeways and cities, it is interesting to think about the inspiration and creativity, talent and expertise that stands behind the structure. Whether sleek and contemporary as the sweeping curve between San Diego and Coronado, adorned with statues as Lion’s Gate Bridge in St. Augustine, or simple rough-hewn timbers, the purpose is still the same.

Bridges exist to move passengers or traffic of some sort to the other side. 
Bridges have stories. They have histories. The bridge linking Niagara Falls, Ontario, with Niagara Falls, New York, began with a kite flying contest and a five dollar prize. Before an engineer had an idea to design a bridge to span the distance from Long Island to New York, people skated across the East River during the winter months. The designer had a better idea, one that took years to complete.


When visiting my daughter and her family, I can spend hours watching the cars on the bridge that connects Oregon and Washington and the large ships and small boats on the Columbia River beneath. I like bridges. Bridges show accomplishment. They demonstrate the trust that people have. They show how an idea can become reality.

I want to be a bridge. I want to be a bridge between conflicting ideas, between people who feel alone or separated, between those who need a pathway to lead them to different kind of life, to lead them to Jesus. I wonder if Jesus were walking through the countryside or the city with us today, if He might tell a story, or parable, about bridges.

I wonder if He might call us to be bridges to those who need to be connected to Him. Can you hear Him calling us to be bridges to those who are hungry or thirsty, to those who need clothing, to those who are alone or fatherless? Lord, make me a bridge today.

“But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased” (Hebrews 13:16).